Elmwood no more, long live Elmwood! Elmwood Electronics and PiShop are now together!
Please order via PiShop.ca, as we are no longer taking orders through this site.
More details are in our blog!

We are Canada's leading distributor of Adafruit products! Thousands of Adafruit products in stock with fast inexpensive shipping.  Best of all, no customs charges!

If an item is not in stock, we offer a pre-ordering service on Adafruit products.  Our catalogue now includes nearly all of Adafruit's products.  Since we do not always know what to stock, we are allowing buyers to "pre-order" non-stock items, and we will then import the items on their behalf.  No duties or fees on Adafruit items purchased from Elmwood!  More information on pre-ordering can be found here.