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Christmas 2018 shipping guidelines

December 10, 2018

Hard to believe, but Christmas is only 2 weeks away! Here are some guidelines to make sure your orders get to you in time for Christmas Check out the below example showing actual rates for a package shipping to Vancouver from Toronto.  Notice that some of the options show how many business days to expect for shipping.  This is very important to factor.  Note that the number of days does not necessarily constitute a guarantee.  To be safe, you'll probably want to add 1 business day in your calculations. Do not select "Small and Light" and have any expectation of getting it for Christmas.  You might get it, you might not, we have zero control over it. UPS is picking up...

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OpenMV Cam M7 first look

December 10, 2018

Initial setup guide & feature exploration for the OpenMV Cam M7.  { Will refer to the 'OpenMV Cam M7' as 'OMVC' from now on. }Things you will need to start...- OpenMV Cam M7- microUSB to USB (normal) cable- Male to Male pin Jumper wire- MicroSD-Card 16gig or  32 gigGo to and download the installer. Testing done on Windows* Install it. I know, not ANOTHER IDE, but this one is actually useful. The OMVC documentation and tutorials are a locally installed website. This is something I am always happy about as inevitably I will be somewhere without wifi & need detailed pinout information. Eg. in a field setting up a remote motion capture wildlife photography rig, something the OMVC is a...

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OpenMV Cam M7 platform

November 30, 2018

Create machine vision projects using MicroPython & OpenMV Cam M7.

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Kitronik :Klef Piano Laser Cut Case

November 08, 2018

Kitronik offers DXF files for making a baby-baby grand case for your Klef Piano.  Kitronik tutorial is found here Klef DXF Files  Timelapse Video of Build.     The Elmwood Glowforge only takes SVG & PNG files.  To get started I imported the DXF file for "Kitronik_Perspex+Wood_Piano" into Inkscape and separated the layers to be laser cut into a SVG file and copied the layers to be embossed/engraved into a separate PNG document.      Links for both are below.Since every laser cutter is different, you mileage may vary.  Laser Cut SVG Piano Template Engraved PNG Piano Template With the two documents uploaded to the Glowforge, I noticed the scaling was slightly too small from the DXF > SVG conversion. With the Klef in the actual...

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