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The even mini-er mac mini.

June 20, 2018

Stamps for scale.  Following in the time honoured elmwood tradtion of making desk-toy-classic-mac-tchotchkes... Quick test of laser cutting a Classic Mac SE/30 papercraft template . Made a SVG cutting template to lop off all the internal paper folds.  Used original MacPaint demo screen by Susan Kare. Maybe this little guy will get some guts over the summer.  We'll see...  

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Things We Sell ! Part Two : BBC Micro Bit

June 18, 2018

A new regular Blog series.Featuring quick overviews of the various platforms Elmwood offers. Product : BBC Micro Bit    Wikipedia Current model:  Micro Bit  v1 A tiny ARM chip with integrated motion sensor, bluetooth, two buttons & LED grid.  Previous models: n/a Installed user base : The BBC gave out 1 million units to grade 7 students in 2016, with 90% reporting it made learning programming easier. As production ramped up, commercial + educational sales have lead to shortages in the past , so a very popular platform. Out of the Box : Basic as long as you have a USB to microUSB cableand access to a computer with a modern browser like Chrome, good to go! You'll need a battery pack If you want...

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Things We Sell ! Part One : Raspberry Pi

June 12, 2018

A new regular Blog series.Featuring quick overviews of the various platforms Elmwood offers. Product : RaspberryPi Wikipedia Current model: 3b+ { speed similar to Apple A8* chip with integrated wifi } Previous models: rPi1B, A, B+, A+, rPi2, zero, W, WH, 3 Out of the Box : Plug into an hdmi monitor with a USB keyboard & mouse & cheaply do linux computing / electronics control / STEM. Pop the NOOBS SD-card in & power on with a monitor & keyboard & off to the races. Super easy process to install Raspbian (OS). NOOBS SD card allows you to choose a variety of operating systems, such as the recommended Raspbian Educational Distro (*free* Mathematica, Minecraft, Python) or other specific use options, such...

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Making a Puzzle on our Glowforge

May 28, 2018

We have had a lot of fun with our Glowforge Laser Cutter!  The other day thought it would be neat to make a puzzle with it.  Turns out others have had the same idea, and there are already tools to do this! Working with the Glowforge is super easy.  You can use most image files for the graphics and you can use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files for cuts.   A fellow Glowforge owner named Draradech built a super handy tool for generating SVG cut files for puzzles.  You basically just select some parameters and it spits out the SVG file...too cool!  In this case, I made a 9x9 puzzle that was 240 x 175 mm: You can engrave graphics into...

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