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UOIT Motorsports Sponsorship

May 14, 2018

We are a proud sponsor of the UOIT Formula SAE Electric team!  Check out the unboxing video they prepared on some of the products we sent to them:

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Rainbow Light Show LED's + Clear Acrylic = Awesome

May 09, 2018

When you are in a panic for a last minute gift and you have a laser cutter, the sky is the limit!  It is a lot more fun to make a gift than to just buy one, so yesterday we had some fun doing some customization to a Rainbow Light Show kit.     Rob designed some constellations in Inkscape and he was looking for a way to integrate them with the Rainbow Light Show.  Building on our MakerCase box building expertise from a previous blog post, we thought it would be fun to edge-light a piece of clear acrylic with the LED Strip from the Rainbow Light Show. The results could not have been better, check it out:  

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New Adafruit Products

May 08, 2018

Today we added 250 Adafruit products to our catalogue!  All are now available for pre-order.   Checkout some of our favourites: 8x32 Flexible RGB Matrix Ball top 4-way rocker switch Super fancy 3rd hand kit

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Small and Light Shipping

January 31, 2018

We are pleased to announce a new Canadian shipping option called "Small and Light".   For orders weighing under 100 grams, we are now offering this rate for only $3.00.  Please note that this option will have no tracking or service guarantee.  In other words, you will get it when you get it!  Generally the time will be similar to how long regular mail takes. Update March 23, 2018: The Small and Light program has been a great success for our customers!  We have made this option a permanent offering in our store.  

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