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Kitronik :Klef Piano Laser Cut Case

November 08, 2018

Kitronik offers DXF files for making a baby-baby grand case for your Klef Piano.  Kitronik tutorial is found here Klef DXF Files  Timelapse Video of Build.     The Elmwood Glowforge only takes SVG & PNG files.  To get started I imported the DXF file for "Kitronik_Perspex+Wood_Piano" into Inkscape and separated the layers to be laser cut into a SVG file and copied the layers to be embossed/engraved into a separate PNG document.      Links for both are below.Since every laser cutter is different, you mileage may vary.  Laser Cut SVG Piano Template Engraved PNG Piano Template With the two documents uploaded to the Glowforge, I noticed the scaling was slightly too small from the DXF > SVG conversion. With the Klef in the actual...

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:Klef Micro:Bit Piano From Kitronik

November 05, 2018

Unboxing  / Testing video HERE !  MakeCode Setup Tutorial You'll need Micro:Bit micro USB cable   (or order one of our Micro:Bit Bundles) one :Klef Piano MakeCode in Chrome Browser   We've premade two example setups files for you.  MakeCode Example ONE : Play notes right away. Plug in Micro:Bit to computer.  Basic Automatic Piano Setup HEX File   click EDIT Download  and Drag onto your MicroBit.  Wait for it to stop flashing. It will dismount & then remount. Then EJECT the Micro:Bit (varies depending on Win or Mac ).  Unplug USB. Insert Micro:Bit into Piano Switch the USB cable to the top of the piano.  Play Piano !   MakeCode Example TWO : Learn individual key assignment This example will open MakeCode...

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Canada Post Strike Update October 25

October 26, 2018

Canada Post is again operating in Toronto, so we have enabled Canada Post as a shipping option. Warning:  if you are in any sort of time crunch, please select FedEx.  The Canadian Union of Postal Workers can target any location until the strike is over, so there is no telling when you will receive your package. The CUPW twitter feed seems to be the best source for keeping track of where they are striking.

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Arduino Spectrum Analyzer

October 18, 2018

Adding an FFT Spectrum Analyzer to Arduino Part three of a multi-part blog post on building a MIDI synth instrument.  The basic idea is to use 3 Arduino's to make a visual / sound instrument.  Arduino 1) Send control data. Arduino 2) Generate wav audio from MIDI input.  Arduino 3) FFT EQ visualization.  This shield will take WAV input & break it into 7 EQ ( FFT ) spectrum values which you can use to drive basically anything Arduino. Sparkfun made a music controlled flame cannon, and so did this guy (but achieved the result differently. Some of the same principles though).  I'm going to stick to LED's. LET'S BEGIN ! Solder on breakable headers. And you might say, "This REALLY seems...

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