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Route Shipping Insurance

February 28, 2019

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Route to offer shipping insurance for our customers!    This is completely optional- please feel free to opt out if you do not want the insurance. The process is pretty simple.  For $1.82 on a $100 or less order, Route will insure your shipment end to end.  Above $100, the premium will increase proportionate to the order size.  If there are any problems, submit a claim to Route and your order will be refunded or replaced.  Route is backed by Lloyds of London. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

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Driving a Mechanical Speedometer with a Raspberry Pi Part 2 of 2: The Code and Electrical Bits

February 20, 2019

In our first installment, you learned how we put together our Raspberry Pi-powered Mechanical Speedometer, now we will share how the device works. First, a bit about the Adafruit Motor HAT.  This is a great add-on board for the Pi, and it allows you to control up to 4 regular motors.  You have to solder the headers to the HAT which takes a few minutes.  The HAT should be powered separate from the Pi, and the HAT can take 5V to 12V.  The HAT does not have a barrel jack connector, but you can use an adapter and some wire.   In our case, we ran the HAT at 5V because our Beefy Hobby Motor drove the speedometer quite well with 5V.   In...

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Driving a Mechanical Speedometer with a Raspberry Pi Part 1 of 2: The Mechanical Bits

February 20, 2019

Mechanical things are so satisfying.  We love taking an old piece of equipment and making it work with products we sell. Back in the day, speedometers were driven by spinning cables.  These cables would typically run from the transmission via a flexible steel cable in a sheath to the speedometer.  Ever been in an older car where the speedometer bounces?  That is usually because the speedometer cable is about to fail. We have been looking for interesting ways to represent data, and we were thinking it would be fun to use an old odometer to show how many orders we have received.  To do this, we would need an old speedometer/odometer assembly, a motor, a way to drive the motor, and a way...

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New 2019 Products Roundup

February 15, 2019

We've added a section to the website to feature all the new products in stock. Here's an overview of all the exciting new options.  eInk Hats  Inky What     4.2"  (400x300 pixels) for Raspberry Pi  (any 40 pin) PaPiRus Zero for Raspberry Pi Zero      Arduino Two new on board WiFi options from Arduino Foundation ! MKR1000 (Arduino Zero + a Wifi shield) Classic UNO + Wifi         Micro:Bit Lamp:Bit  Mini Street Light Stop:Bit  Mini Traffic Light Create ProtoBoard MOVE Sensor Interface for MOVE mini buggy Game Controller (Game Zip64 without the display) All-in-One Robotics Board               SparkFun  ProtoSnap uses Alligator clips to easily connect components to Micro:Bit.  gator:starter gator:control gator:Color Alligator Clips Jumper...

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