Important: Canada Post May Go On Strike September 26. Read our blog post below for more information.

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Canada Post Potential Strike September 2018

September 12, 2018

In what seems to be a bi-annual tradition, Canada Post workers may go on strike on September 26.   We sincerely hope that the CUPW and Canada Post can come to an agreement.  Canada Post is the most economical carrier we use, and with our high volume we pass along great savings on shipping costs to our customers. If a strike does occur, all mail service including packages will stop.  Here are a few things you should consider: With the exception of rural areas, all orders placed by September 18 should get to their destination on-time via Expedited Parcel service. For orders placed after September 18: If you live in urban/suburban areas of Ontario or Quebec, Expedited Parcel service generally takes 2 days or less.  Orders placed by...

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Things We Sell ! Wearable Electronics : Adafruit Flora, Gemma & CPX

July 20, 2018

A new regular Blog series.Featuring quick overviews of the various platforms Elmwood offers.Intro to Wearable/Sewable Electronics aka 'e-textiles' : Adafruit. Common Elements: Conductive thread instead of copper wire or circuit board traces. Sewing Fun ! Different Product lines: [Adafruit's evolving wearable ecosystem explained with Starbucks Sizes.] CircuitPythonExpress aka 'CPX' ( Venti ) Flora ( Grande ) Gemma m0 ( short ) Trinket m0 ( tiny ! )  m0 uses Circuit Python Language.    Older models, aka 'counting all the chickens' : There were non-CircuitPython ArduinoIDE 'C' based versions of most boards in the past. Flora is still ArduinoIDE based.  Adafruit has slowly moved it's product line to be programmable with CircuitPython (a smaller subset of the Python language targeted to small microcontrollers). Also...

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Things We Sell ! Wearable Electronics : Lilypad

July 17, 2018

A regular blog series featuring quick overviews of the various platforms Elmwood offers. Intro to Wearable/Sewable Electronics aka 'e-textiles' with Lilypad. Conductive thread instead of copper wire or circuit board traces. Sewing Fun ! Lilypad Ecosystem { SparkFun promoted Wearable platform } Out of the Box : Featuring a novel 'protosnap' approach: you test your circuits on the board & then snap them off & sew into your project when ready. Lilypad has many kits & options. Full range found here. All Lilypad products are Ardunio IDE based.Kits have a very quickstart approach & can get going immediately. Protosnap kits generally don't require any programming, the other boards are more versatile.  We recommend you try some of the kit projects & then move to individual component based projects....

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TRON Hoodie 2.0

July 13, 2018

v 2.0 As much fun as the 1.0 hoodie was, realized could take it up a notch by adding a  SOUND ACTIVATED POCKET INVERTER.  That way it would flash along with the beat when you wear it to a concert or on stage.  We stock a 6v and a 12v. To drive one length of EL Wire you need to use the 6V.  high-brightness-aqua-electroluminescent-el-wire-2-5-meters  + el-wire-6v-sound-activated-pocket-inverter + a 4x AA Battery Pack   Before soldering anything, it's a good idea to make sure the circuit works with alligator clips.  From Left : EL Wire adapter to sound activated inverter to 4xAA battery pack.    The dashed white lines on the inverter go to the RED lead on the battery pack.  Then...

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