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JST SH 4-pin Right Angle Connector (10-pack) - Qwiic Compatible


If you're a DIY enthusiast who likes to micro-manage your project's connections, here is a 10-pack of some micro JST SH connectors! They're solid plastic with 4 x 1mm pitch through-hole mounting tabs. In an SMT line you can just paste over the through holes and the pads will solder in place.

This connector can be used with Qwiic boards and cables, to easily connect sensors and drivers from one board to the other. Match them up with the cables if you want to maintain compatibility (The cables are made symmetrically so don't worry about which side goes where!) When used with Qwiic the  pins are:

  1. 3.3VDC Power - Red wire on cables
  2. Ground - Black wire on cables
  3. I2C SDA Data - Blue wire on cables
  4. I2C SCL Clock - Yellow wire on cables

For more information about JST SH connectors, visit the JST website