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Diffused Red and Green Indicator LED - 18mm Round


Elmwood Electronics has stopped accepting orders. This product might be available at PiShop.ca. Please check this blog post about our recent team merger.

This LED Is super chonky! Bigger than your average LED, it has a big, bold, and beautiful diffused body that measures approximately 18mm diameter. Inside is nestled a bi-color red and green LED, just like you're familiar with. Each with about 2.3V forward voltage. Add a resistor in series and connect to a battery or microcontroller pin for a gorgeous glow. The center pin is the common cathode, so connect that to ground, then use the two outer pins to control the red and green elements inside. The pin spacing is 0.1" so it fits into a breadboard or perf-board cleanly.

Could be a great addition to a control panel, cosplay, or art project. They go easily into a breadboard and will add that extra cool zing to your project.

If you need some help using LEDs, please read Adafruit's "Introduction to using LEDs" tutorial for any electronics project.

  • DC Forward Rated Current:  25mA per LED
  • DC Forward Voltage: 2.1V for red, 2.4V for green (approximate)
  • Operating / Storage Temperature:  -40°C To +85°C 
  • Dimensions (DxH) (excluding pins): 17.8 diameter x 10.8mm
  • Pin spacing - 3 x 0.1" pitch