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4 x AA Battery Holder with Premium Jumper Header Wires


We've got battery holders for all sorts of needs and projects! Waterproof? Here ya go. With a clicky on/off switch? Easy peasy. Here's our latest addition in classy Adafruit black: 4 x AA Battery Holder with Premium Header Wires. What's so special about 'em? Well you can plug them right into a breadboard ! No need to fight with those skinny stripped wires you normally get. Of course, you can always still solder them into a PCB.

4 x AA battery packs can run with ~4.8V (4 x NiMH) to ~6V (4 x Alkaline). Great for powering boards with a ~4.5-6.5V DC input allowance as you'll see that range depending on how fresh the batteries are.

AA Batteries are not includedbut we have lots of options in the store!



  • Dimensions: 62.3mm x 57 x 16
  • Connector Length: approx 165mm / 6.5"
  • Weight: 13.4g

Category: AA, batteries

Type: Batteries & Charging

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