Elmwood no more, long live Elmwood! Elmwood Electronics and PiShop are now together!
Please order via PiShop.ca, as we are no longer taking orders through this site.
More details are in our blog!

Bare Conductive produces a suite of printed electronics products that enable individuals and companies to integrate electronics directly into the environment. Their conductive paint and easy-to-use development kits let anyone prototype their electronic visions of the future. Business customers make those visions a reality by licensing Bare Conductive’s technology and incorporating it into their products.

The company is widely covered as a rising star of London’s hardware startup scene and as one of the most innovative Printed Electronics businesses in the UK with a recent Mashable UK video reaching over 79M views and over 300,000 units of Electric Paint sold. Bare Conductive was founded in 2009 by four graduates of the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.