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Things We Sell ! Wearable Electronics : Lilypad

July 17, 2018

Things We Sell !       Wearable Electronics : Lilypad

A regular blog series featuring quick overviews of the various platforms Elmwood offers.


Intro to Wearable/Sewable Electronics aka 'e-textiles' with Lilypad.

  • Conductive thread instead of copper wire or circuit board traces.
  • Sewing
  • Fun !

Lilypad Ecosystem { SparkFun promoted Wearable platform }

    Out of the Box :

    Featuring a novel 'protosnap' approach: you test your circuits on the board & then snap them off & sew into your project when ready.
    Lilypad has many kits & options.
    Full range found here

    All Lilypad products are Ardunio IDE based.

    Kits have a very quickstart approach & can get going immediately.
    Protosnap kits generally don't require any programming, the other boards are more versatile. 
    We recommend you try some of the kit projects & then move to individual component based projects.
    Individual Boards :

    USB Based.


    FTDI Based

    * FTDI cable versions came before USB ProtosnapPlus boards.

    Suggested Companions Out of the box:
    Inventor of the Lilypad : Dr. Leah Buechley

    Intended Use :

    Learning & creating wearable electronics.

    If you want to start with ready made, little-to-no programming kits,
    with lights and touch, go with lilypad protosnaps.


    Avoid water.

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