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TinkerKit - add some juice to your Raspberry Pi


Elmwood Electronics has stopped accepting orders. This product might be available at PiShop.ca. Please check this blog post about our recent team merger.

The TINKERkit is an affordable collection of components that allows the acquisition and control of real world data using a Raspberry Pi. With the parts in this kit, you can construct a number of projects including:

  • A digital voltmeter
  • A retro analog voltmeter
  • A digital thermometer
  • A parking assistant
  • A battery tester with LED indicator
  • A brightness variable night light
  • And More!

The  following components are included with each TINKERkit:

TINKERplate Multifunction HAT

Mini Solderless Breadboard

Nine Gram Servo Motor

Photoresistive Light Sensor

Infrared (PIR) Motion Detector

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor

Digitally Controlled Beeper

Pushbutton Module

10KΩ Potentiometer

Red LED with 100Ω Resistor

20 Male to Male and 10 Male to Female Hookup Wires

Eight Channel Neopixel® RGB LED Strip

An 74HCT125 Integrated Circuit

And a Screwdriver!

Please note that this kit does not include a Raspberry Pi, microSD card, or power supply.


Type: Raspberry Pi > Pi HATs & Plates