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Rugged Panel Mount Fingerprint Sensor with Bi-Color LED Ring


Elmwood Electronics has stopped accepting orders. This product might be available at PiShop.ca. Please check this blog post about our recent team merger.

Secure your project with biometrics - this all-in-one optical fingerprint sensor will make adding fingerprint detection and verification super simple. It even has an LED ring built around the detection pad, which can be set to red, blue or purple (as well as some fading/blinking effects) for a great user experience.

These modules are typically used in safes - there's a high powered DSP chip that does the image rendering, calculation, feature-finding, and searching. Connect to any microcontroller or system with TTL serial, and send packets of data to take photos, detect prints, hash, and search. You can also enroll new fingers directly - up to 200 fingerprints can be stored in the onboard FLASH memory.

We like this particular sensor because its a nice rugged metal body, with panel-mounting that will make it easy to add to any product or project. It also comes with a 6-pin Molex-style 1mm pitch connector, which you can easily cut off and solder directly to the wires.

But, of course, we wouldn't leave you a manual and a "good luck!" - Adafruit has written both an Arduino library and CircuitPython library so that you can get running in under 10 minutes. The library can enroll and search so it's perfect for any project. They've also written a detailed tutorial on wiring and use of these types fingerprint sensors. Check the datasheet for the power/data pinout and then use our library to interface over UART pins.


  • Model: R503
  • Capacitive Fingerprint Module
  • Interface: TTL UART
  • Resolution: 508 DPI
  • Voltage: 3.3VDC
  • Capacity: 200 fingerprints
  • Sensing array: 192x192 pixels
  • Working current: 20mA
  • Standby current: Typical touch standby voltage: 3.3V, Average current: 2uA
  • Module size: 28mm (external diameter) / 23.5mm (inner diameter)
  • Module height: 15.5mm
  • Sensor area: 15.5mm
  • LED Colors: Blue and Red
  • Scanning speed: < 0.2 second
  • Verification speed: < 0.3 second
  • Matching method: 1:1; 1:N
  • FRR: ≤1%
  • FAR: ≤0.001%
  • Work environment: -20ºC – 60ºC
  • Work humidity: 10-85%
  • Anti-static capacity: 15KV
  • Abrasive resistance intensity: 1 million times
  • Communications baud rate (UART): (9600 × N) bps where N = 1 ~ 12 (default is 57600bps)

Product Weight: 35.0g / 1.2oz