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IC Socket - for 28-pin 0.3" Chips - Pack of 3


An IC (Integrated Circuit) socket allows you to insert and remove chips easily from an assembled kit or project

This item contains 3 of the 28 pin 0.3" wide version. Best used with chips that have 28 pins (2x14) and have 0.3" pin spacing. We also have 0.6" version, so don't use this for 'wide' 28p in chips

These are often used for soldering into a Perma Proto or PCB so that you can replace and swap chips easily. What's nice about IC sockets is that they are the same pin spacing and size so you don't have to redesign the board! For our example photo, we put the socket into an Adafruit Perma-Proto Breadboard but any solderable PCB or protoboard will work great. Not recommended for solderless breadboards, the pins are not long enough.