Electronic Starter Kit for Micro:Bit



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With this kit, you get everything you need to start learning about and connecting electronics to your micro:bit in an accessible, easy manner. Everything is connected using the supplied alligator clips, so no soldering is required!

This kit is suitable for children as young as 10, with some adult help.



  • Learn electronics and coding with the micro:bit
  • Includes a 30 page instruction booklet
  • Control a light bulb and motor from your micro:bit
  • Play sounds using the speaker board
  • Measure sound, temperature and light using your micro:bit
  • Please note a micro:bit is NOT included, you can get one here!

The instruction book gets you started with your micro:bit,  and then helps you build the following projects:

  • Movement Alarm
  • Lighthouse
  • Shout-o-meter
  • Thermometer
  • Fan speed Controlle
  • Automatic Fan
  • A theramin-like ‘Magic’ Musical Instrument

Code is provided both for the Blocks editor and MicroPython.

This kit includes the following items. You will also need a micro:bit and a single AA battery.

  • Monk Makes Speaker for micro:bit
  • Monk Makes Relay for micro:bit
  • Monk Makes Sensor Board for micro:bit
  • Set of alligator clip leads (10 leads)
  • Small motor with fan
  • Single AA battery box (battery not included)
  • Light bulb and holder
  • 30 page instruction book

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