Crazy Circuits Bit Board Kit for micro:bit


Welcome to the world of programming and automation with Micro:Bit! This full kit gives you everything you need to start creating projects in minutes!

The Bit Board allows users to combine Micro:Bit and LEGO together to create all sorts of amazing projects! Like all Crazy Circuits components, the Bit Board snaps onto any LEGo compatible component. Connect other Crazy Circuits components with the included Maker Tape! Use a ribbon cable to connect sensors, or directly plug a servo into the Bit Board. Use the built-in relay to control DC motors and devices.

In comparison to the Arduino platform, Micro:Bit offers a much more graphic way of working and programming with microcontrollers. The Bit Board Adapter was designed as a solution for teaching programming via Micro:Bit’s graphic interface, allowing it to work with our Crazy Circuits component platform.

Kit includes:

  • Crazy Circuits Bit Board
  • Right angled Micro USB Cable
  • 16 foot 1/8th inch roll of Maker Tape
  • 2AAA Battery Holder with JST Connector
  • 2 Crazy Circuits Jumbo Pushbuttons
  • 4 Crazy Circuits Jumbo LEDs
  • Crazy Circuits NeoPixel
  • Crazy Circuits Potentiometer
  • Crazy Circuits Piezo Speaker
  • Crazy Circuits Slide Switch
  • LEGO Compatible Servo with Connector
  • LEGO Base Plate
  • 5 Alligator Clips
  • Guide Cards
  • Plastic Organizer

A Micro:Bit is not included with this kit, but can be purchased here.

LEGO sold separatley.

Collections: Brown Dog Gadgets

Type: micro:bit add on