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A/V and RCA (Composite Video, Audio) Cable for Raspberry Pi


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This A/V RCA Cable for Raspberry Pi is a great way to turn your Pi 3, Pi 2, A+ or B+'s output into a full on composite video and audio device.  Simply connect the cable to your Raspberry Pi's 3.5mm jack and the other side into whatever device you're looking to connect to and get full RCA visuals and sound.

Yellow  is for composite video while red and white are for stereo audio.

We now have two versions!  Our premium cable is 1.5 meters long, and our basic cable is 1 meter long.  The basic cable also includes a TRRS "extender jack"...honestly we aren't sure why you would need it, let us know if you find it handy.

This cable has the right wiring so you can get composite video out - e.g. The TRRS corresponds to left, right, ground, video.

To use this cable with a Raspberry Pi 4:

On the Raspberry Pi 4, composite output is disabled by default, due to the way the internal clocks are interrelated and allocated. Because composite video requires a very specific clock, setting that clock to the required speed on the Pi 4 means that other clocks connected to it are detrimentally affected, which slightly slows down the entire system. Since composite video is a less commonly used function, Raspberry Pi decided to disable it by default to prevent this system slowdown.

To enable composite output, use the enable_tvout=1 option in your config.txt. As described above, this will detrimentally affect performance to a small degree.  Learn more at RaspberryPi.org

On older Pi models, the composite behaviour remains the same.