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5-pin (Arduino MKR) to 4-pin JST SH STEMMA QT / Qwiic Cable


Elmwood Electronics has stopped accepting orders. This product might be available at PiShop.ca. Please check this blog post about our recent team merger.

Are you a maker in the midst of a STEMMA dilemma? This 100mm long cable is a fantastic chimera-cable fitted with STEMMA QT 4-pin JST SH on one end, and Arduino MKR 5-pin JST SH connectors on the other, with the wires spun around so you can use it to connect STEMMA QT sensors we've got to any of the popular Arduino MKR boards!

JST SH (also known as Qwiic) connectors have 1mm pitch. This cable can be used with STEMMA QT boards to easily connect sensors and drivers from one board to the other.

Please note: this cable will plug into either Adafruit STEMMA QT or SparkFun Qwiic boards but the power pin is 5V and Qwiic boards expect 3V, which could cause damage! Don't use this cable with SparkFun Qwiic boards unless you are positive they are 5V-safe!

Our Stemma QT boards have 10K pullups on the I2C port to the 5V Vin pin, while technically out-of-spec for the SAMD21 series chips, we used this cable without issue on a SAMD21 MKR board. We recommend adding 2 external 2K resistors from SDA/SCL to 3.3V to bring down the voltage of the 10K pullups.

The colors are:

  • Black for GND
  • Red for V+ This is connected to 5V on the MKR boards, not 3.3V!
  • Blue for SDA
  • Yellow for SCL

For more information on JST, visit their website.

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