Bourns Absolute Encoder (EAW0J-B24-AE0128L)



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The Bourns Absolute Encoder is a digital control knob that provides 128 unique results evenly spaced around a full circle. It is designed as a control panel knob but can be adapted for other uses. This can be a good alternative to using a potentiometer and analog pin, as this allows for full-turn and multi-turn operation.

It differs from the more common incremental rotary encoder which has only two or four values in a rotation and is designed to measure full rotations and direction. This measures angles and absolute position is maintained between power cycles.


  • Nut and washer (9mm mounting hole)
  • Solder jumpers
  • Pull-down resistors for address pins


  • 128 rotary positions
  • Memory of last position before power-off
  • 0.1" and Grove header locations
  • ¼ in. round shaft (slotted end)