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Pimoroni Display-O-Tron RGB Breakout


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This is the lovely little 16 x 3 character LCD we use on Display-O-Tron with an RGB backlight breakout board to mount it on!

We've added circuitry to allow the display to run at either 3V3 or 5V and also included an RGB backlight to make your project look even more awesome! The RGB backlight is driven by FETs on the board so all you need to do is supply a logic level signal to the R, G, and B pins (which can be PWM-ed)!


  • High-contrast LCD display (3 x 16 characters)
  • Bright RGB backlight (controllable with PWM signals)
  • M2.5 mounting holes
  • ST7036 controller supporting 4-bit, 8-bit, and SPI interfaces
  • Operates from either a 5V or 3V3 power supply

It supports SPI, 4-bit, and 8-bit addressing (you can talk to it just like a HD44780 display) making it easy to use with many micro-controllers or platforms (such as Raspberry Pi). We've set it up so that it can run from both 3V3 and 5V supplies.

The datasheet contains sample wiring diagrams (see page 4) for all modes of operation - it's actually really darn helpful! View the full datasheet.

You can use this LCD with your Raspberry Pi using our Python ST7036 driver or with an Arduino using the DogLcd library.

Note: this is a kit that requires basic soldering!

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