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Face Mask With RGB LED Fiber Optic Fabric


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Update October 6 @ 5:11 pm:  we just noticed that Adafruit is only allowing us to order 1 of these at a time!  So unfortunately we had to disable pre-orders.  Sign up for a stock notification and hopefully we can get more of these soon.

Protect yourself and look super rad with this RGB LED Fiber Optic Face Mask. The mask is made of two layers of fabric - the inner layer is comfy cotton and the outer layer is made of LED Fiber Optic fabric that shimmers and glows thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery. Note that you cannot put this in a washing machine since it's got electronics in it, so it's not washable! If you need to disinfect it, spray Lysol or another disinfectant on the inside and outside, you could also wipe down the outer LED fabric layer with a disinfecting wipe.

While we could not recommend them for hygienic purposes on their own, they could cover a simpler cotton mask, or be used when outside or for fashion purposes. They look super cool, would fit in great at a rave, Burning Man, or other night-time outdoor festivals.

There's a little doohicky button on the side that lets you change modes - you can make the mask glow red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, white or a rainbow flash effect. When off, the mask is sparkly black.

Only 1 per order at this time