Friday, Sept. 30th, is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Canada post will NOT be operating that day. Shipping will resume the following Monday.

UPS Shipping

October 09, 2020

Many of you have gotten used to our amazingly low UPS rates.  For the past few years, we joined up with over 50 other Toronto-area companies to gain economies of scale under one UPS account.  This is a common practice in e-commerce, and by working together we had among the lowest UPS rates available.

Unfortunately that is all coming to an end, and UPS is raising our rates by 300%.  Their reason is that volumes are up significantly, and even with the amount of shipping we were doing it was not enough to deserve the rates we were getting.  UPS is afraid they will become overwhelmed during the holiday season.

In the short term, Canada Post will be our only cost-effective option for shipping.  The good news is that Canada Post has been reliable and generally on-time throughout the pandemic.