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TRON Hoodie 1.0

v 1.0

For a good sewing starter project, I decided to replicate Adafruit's Tron Hoodie

You only need a hoodie, needle & thread,  & some EL Wire with a battery pack. No soldering involved. 

tron hoodie


Relatively straight forward, sew thread loops around the EL wire about every 3 inches.

To get a nice curve along the hood, use a tighter spacing of stitch. 


Good idea to measure the inner length of your hoodie first as I ended up having enough EL wire to do half the back too. 

A second consideration is if you want it inside the zipper or outside. 

Inside you won't see half the EL if you zip it up. 

I chose a reversible hoodie, so could wear it inside or out. 

Sew the battery connector close to a pocket, so that can sit in there undisturbed. 

Completed Hoodie : 


The standard EL Inverter has 3 modes for the EL Wire.
Fully lit, flashing & seizure mode. 

Good times. 


Robertson Holt
Robertson Holt


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