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Things We Sell ! BBC Micro Bit

June 18, 2018

Things We Sell !   BBC Micro Bit

A new regular Blog series.
Featuring quick overviews of the various platforms Elmwood offers.

micro bit

Product :

BBC Micro Bit    Wikipedia

Current model: 

Micro Bit  v1

A tiny ARM chip with integrated motion sensor, bluetooth, two buttons & LED grid. 

Previous models:


Installed user base :

The BBC gave out 1 million units to grade 7 students in 2016, with 90%
reporting it made learning programming easier.

As production ramped up, commercial + educational sales have lead to shortages in the past , so a very popular platform.

Out of the Box :

Basic as long as you have a USB to microUSB cable
and access to a computer with a modern browser like Chrome, good to go!

You'll need a battery pack If you want to use it away from a computer ONCE you have already programmed it. 

MicroBit GO : Battery pack, batteries & usb cable included

Elmwood Bundle : Battery pack, batteries, usb cable & case included

You can also pair with Android or iOS instead of a laptop to program the MicroBit, but haven't tested that here.

Suggested Companions Out of the box:

MiPower is a bit more convenient than the JST battery pack

Inventors Kit a very popular starter kit.

KittenBOT is just adorable

Tank body. nuff said. 

Intended Use :

Home or Classroom fun and enjoyment learning basics of programming.


Programming :

Blocks editor in browser 

Python in browser

If you want to code without access to the internet, the Mu editor is a great way to program MicroPython devices including the MicroBit.

Performance :

More of a conveniently packaged chip with controls for learning computing than a barn burning processor.

Hackery :

Good generic platform for quickly prototyping any simple experiment.
Integrated bluetooth and buttons as well as 5 gator clips provide ample

Or hookup a breakout board to access almost everything.

Or get mobile with your own motor board solution.

Our Full Range of MicroBit Products

Next week :

Arduino !

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