Small Businesses during COVID

February 19, 2021

Our office is located on the 2nd floor of a building on Bloor in Toronto.  Until today, one of the suites on our floor was occupied by a travel agency.  Bloor Travel built a successful business over the last 20+ years.  While their business had been in decline over the last few years,  they were not quite ready to throw in the towel until March 2020 hit.

Over the past few days we have been listening to Bloor Travel's owner shredding paperwork.  She has been at it for the entire week using a shredder that does 5 pages at a time.  It makes me so sad that she was unable to wind down her business on her own terms.  

We all know that travel agents are a dying breed, but this example reminds me of all the businesses that are currently going under.  These are people's livelihoods.  Elmwood Electronics is very lucky to be in a growing business that is 100% online.  Many businesses have not been so lucky.  

Please continue to support small businesses, or better yet, start your own small business.  Together we can get to the other side of this pandemic.