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Kitronik :Klef Piano Laser Cut Case

November 08, 2018

Kitronik :Klef Piano Laser Cut Case

Kitronik offers DXF files for making a baby-baby grand case for your Klef Piano

Kitronik tutorial is found here

Klef DXF Files 

Timelapse Video of Build.    

The Elmwood Glowforge only takes SVG & PNG files. 

To get started I imported the DXF file for "Kitronik_Perspex+Wood_Piano" into Inkscape and separated the layers to be laser cut into a SVG file and copied the layers to be embossed/engraved into a separate PNG document. 



Links for both are below.
Since every laser cutter is different, you mileage may vary. 

Laser Cut SVG Piano Template

Engraved PNG Piano Template

With the two documents uploaded to the Glowforge, I noticed the scaling was slightly too small from the DXF > SVG conversion. With the Klef in the actual bed of the Glowforge, did some trial end error rescaling by scanning the Klef in the forge &  then sizing the SVG template to make sure it would sit in the casing.

Here is a 12 minute video detailing the assembly.


Both goes at assembly, I snapped the balsa while curving the back of the piano, so you may want to add even more cuts to the SVG version above to make bending easier. 

For my next number 

I've created a CONCERT MODE file for the Micro:Bit where each note plays a song.

Great for impressing people. A very tiny amount... with a tiny piano. 

Remember to wave your fingers in the air feverishly. 

Click this link to get the HEX file to Download to your Micro:Bit




See Part one of this blog if you want step by step instructions on how to install the file. 



Finished Products! 


 And thanks to Kitronik for another super fun project. 

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