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Arduino Spectrum Analyzer

October 18, 2018

Arduino Spectrum Analyzer

Adding an FFT Spectrum Analyzer to Arduino

Part three of a multi-part blog post on building a MIDI synth instrument. 

The basic idea is to use 3 Arduino's to make a visual / sound instrument. 

Arduino 1) Send control data.

Arduino 2) Generate wav audio from MIDI input. 

Arduino 3) FFT EQ visualization. 

This shield will take WAV input & break it into 7 EQ ( FFT ) spectrum values which you can use to drive basically anything Arduino.

Sparkfun made a music controlled flame cannon, and so did this guy (but achieved the result differently. Some of the same principles though). 

I'm going to stick to LED's.


Solder on breakable headers.

And you might say, "This REALLY seems like a time for stackable headers!".

And I'd say : "You're right, but I didn't!".

Moving on.

I measure out how many pins are needed off the Arduino, then gently snap off that many with a pair of pliers. 

*double check that the shield has the same number, as sometimes they have fewer. 



To make soldering easier, placed the pins in a breadboard to hold them steady. 

And Done. 


Gang's all here. Now to start on the software & cross device wiring harness. 

Aiming to wrap this all up for a spooky Halloween build.