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Water Flow Sensor Flow meter 0.3-6L/min


Elmwood Electronics has stopped accepting orders. This product might be available at PiShop.ca. Please check this blog post about our recent team merger.

Working range: 0.3-6L/min 
Water pressure: ≤0.8MPa 
Minimum rated working voltage: DC4.5 5V-24V 
Maximum working current: 15 mA DC 5V 
Working voltage range: DC 5-18V 
Load capacity: ≤10 mA   DC 5V 
Operating temperature range: ≤80 
Operating humidity range: 35% -90%RH (no frost) 
Storage temperature: -25- + 80C 
Storage humidity: 25%-95%RH 
Size (L x W x H): Approx. 5.8 x 3.4 x 2.7cm / 2.28 x 1.34 x 1.06 inch 
Output interface diameter: Approx. outer 7mm, inner 3mm 

Collections: Microcontrollers

Type: Fluid control