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Make simple wearable electronics with this fun filled STEAM and STEM kit.

Making wearable electronics and soft circuitry projects has never been easier thanks to the Sewing Circuits Kits. Using Conductive Thread and our special Crazy Circuits components you can easily sew a circuit onto any fabric. Create a shirt, bracket, or pillow in minutes using only basic sewing skills. If you can sew a button on a shirt you can make your own wearable project.

Each version of the kit comes with everything you need to start creating projects right out of the box. We include fabric, needles, conductive thread, batteries, and electronics parts. Follow one of our many online guides or create your own project from scratch.

These kits are intended for students ages 10 and up due to the needles, batteries, and fine motor skills needed to complete this project. Coin cell batteries can be very dangerous if swallowed and appropriate caution should be used. These projects run at 3V of power and have of no risk of shocking or harming people when making contact with skin. Hand wash projects only and let air dry. Do not use Conductive Thread with a sewing machine, hand stitch only.

Standard vs Classroom Set

The Standard Kit is designed to be used by an individual or small group and includes enough materials for at least 2 projects, whereas the Classroom Set includes enough components for at least 25 projects.

Standard Kit Includes:

  • 5 Batteries
  • 4 Jumbo Sewable LEDs (Red, Blue, Green, and White)
  • 2 Sewable Battery Holders
  • 2 Needles
  • 2 Threading Tools
  • 2 Button Snaps
  • 1 Roll of Conductive Thread (16 feet)

Classroom Set Includes:

  • 77 Mini Sewable LEDs (10 Red, 10 Blue, 10 Green, 10 Amber, and 10 White)
  • 30 Batteries
  • 25 Jumbo Sewable LEDs (Color Changing)
  • 25 Sewable Battery Holders
  • 25 Needles
  • 25 Threading Tools
  • 25 Button Snaps
  • 13 Sheets of Fabric
  • 12 Bobbins of Conductive Thread

Directions, Lesson Plans, and Videos

Print and and use one of Brown Dog Gadgets' many sewable projects from Brown Dog Gadget's online Project Database. They're always adding new projects to our database so be sure to check back frequently.

If you have questions about implementing sewing projects in your classroom or after school group feel free to contact them at any time. They've done sewing projects with students from 2nd grade up through college and have many useful tips and tricks for successful classroom management.

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