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Rainbow LED Strip for ring:bit car v2


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This is a light bar module designed specifically for the Ring:Bit Car V2. It brings you beautiful multiple colours with simple assembly.

Comes with 8 Rainbow full colour LEDs. 



    • Input voltage 3V~5V,and directly powered by micro:bit.

    • Standard 3 line GVS port, only occupy one I/O port.

    • 8 small LEDs, power saving and energy saving.

    • Each LEDs can be coded independently and show RGB color.


    Items Parameters Remarks
    Name Ring:bit car v2 light bar -
    SKU EF03425 -
    Working Voltage DC 3-5V -
    Port Ring:bit car dedicated pin ports -
    Output Signal Simulation -
    LEDs 8 pcs -
    Dimension 60.8 x 33.20mm -
    Net weight 5.7g -



    Quick to Start

    Hardware Connection

    • First, insert this module to the baseboard of the Ring:bit car V2.

    • Then, screw up the screws


    • Completed

    Software Programming

    • Program a simple light-bar code in the makecode .

    • Set and initialize “strip” variable, connect LED from P0-P10.

    • Set LED to show rainbow color.

    • Move the color one by one in forever loop.

    • Show colors.

    Links for this code:https://makecode.microbit.org/_Eyc3eCLLj2YF



    • Rainbow lights


    Collections: ElecFreaks, micro:bit

    Type: micro:bit add on