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pi-top [4] Accessory Bundle (PSU, Display Cables, SD Card)


Elmwood Electronics has stopped accepting orders. This product might be available at PiShop.ca. Please check this blog post about our recent team merger.

Our pi-top [4] Accessory Bundle contains everything you need to get your pi-top [4] up and running!

The bundle includes:

pi-top Power Supply

15V 36W USB-C PD Power Supply for pi-top [4].

USB-C Power Delivery specification at 15V for faster battery charging. Comes with interchangeable US, UK and European plugs.

Please note:

Your pi-top [4] will NOT work with most USB-C power supplies you might already own. You must use a power supply with USB-C Power Delivery specification at 15V and 36W.

pi-top Display Cable

Connect your pi-top [4] to your laptop, tablet, desktop computer or HDMI monitor. Write code on your device and send it to execute on your pi-top [4].

The pi-top Display Cable includes:

  • Display Cable
  • HDMI Adapter
  • USB Adapter

pi-top Display Cable is used for:

  1. Connecting a pi-top [4] to a HDMI monitor. You can use a standard micro HDMI cable for this too but if you want to use two displays simultaneously you'll need a pi-top Display Cable.
  2. Connecting a pi-top [4] to the pi-top FHD Touch Display - in this arrangement the cable is used to take power, USB signals and HDMI signals to the screen, turning it into a portable table or laptop!
  3. Connecting to the USB OTG port on the Raspberry Pi so that you can SSH or VNC into the pi-top [4] from your laptop, computer or tablet.

pi-topOS on 16Gb SD card

Save time setting up your pi-top [4] DIY Edition. No need to burn SD cards. Comes with adapter and the latest pi-topOS installed.

To get the most from your pi-top, it's best to run pi-topOS. Some of the advanced features of pi-top are not managed by Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian) or other operating systems.