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OpenMV Telephoto Lens


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This lens gives your OpenMV Cam the ability to see longer distances (e.g. zoom in). The standard lens that ships with your OpenMV Cam has a 115° field-of-view (FOV) which allows your OpenMV Cam to see more things, but, with less detail. This lens has a 25° FOV so it provides your OpenMV Cam with about a 4X zoom on any particular object.


The Telephoto Lens is great for any application where you need your OpenMV Cam to zoom in on some subject. For example, the telephoto lens makes it easy to do eye-tracking without IR light by zooming in on someone's eye making it easier to determine the direction their pupil is pointing.


Standard Lens Standard Lens
Telephoto Lens Telephoto Lens


Focal Length 12mm
Aperture F2.0
Format 1/3"
Mount M12*0.5
FOV H = 18.8°, VFOV = 14.0°
IR Cut Filter 650nm (removable)
Weight 4g
Length 14mm
Width 14mm
Height 15mm

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Type: lens