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micro:bit Power Supply Module, 5V to 12V input


Elmwood Electronics has stopped accepting orders. This product might be available at PiShop.ca. Please check this blog post about our recent team merger.

Need to power your micro:bit with something other than a couple AAA batteries?  We have the solutions!

This micro:bit power supply module converts 5V to 12V to a clean 3.3V for the micro:bit.  The output voltage of 3.3v can be connected directly to the battery connector of micro:bit. 

Packing List

  •  1 x Micro:bit Power Supply Module 3.3V 2A


  • 1. Input Voltage: DC 5V-12V
  • 2. Power by micro USB cable or usual power adapters.
  • 3. Output Voltage:3.3V
  • 4. Output Terminal directly connect battery holder on the micro:bit.
  • 5. Output Current: 2A
  • 6. Max Output Current: 2.5A 

Collections: ElecFreaks, micro:bit

Type: micro:bit