Hand Clap Sensor VM-Clap1


The VM­Clap1 is a low cost, low power, microprocessor based hand clap sensor which will ignore background noises such as human speech or music and will only react to hand clapping or finger snapping. Once a detection is made, it will momentarily light up its blue LED and change its output from the normally open collector output to GND. This enables you to easily connect this sensor to your board.

Hooking It Up

This board only has three pins: VCC, GND and OUT. You can power this board from 2.5V to 5.5V. OUT is a powerful open­collector output.

The following table adds some more technical Information about this board:

Parameter  Value 
Operating Voltage 2.5 - ­5.5 Volts
Current consumption 1.7mA @ 3V
Out pin current sinking 750mA @ 30V
Detection pulse width 40mS
Detection Range Approx 9 ft.
Weight 2.1 Grams
Dimensions 37mm L by 12mm W by 6mm H


Type: Sensors