Crazy Circuits Makerspace Set



The Makerspace Set has everything you need to get an entire classroom creating projects with Crazy Circuits.

Create projects both big and small with over 180 included parts. Use the Invention and Robotics boards to follow one of our programing guides, or create your own code from scratch. Have your students create wearable technology using conductive thread. Crazy Circuits parts are compatible with LEGO™ and similar brick building systems. Crazy Circuits parts come 100% ready to go out of the box, which means no soldering or preparation required.

This kit covers topics such as circuitry, programming, logic, design, sewable technology, art, and design.

Parts Included

  • Five Invention Boards and USB Cables
  • Three Robotics Boards and USB Cables
  • Five Blink/Fade Boards
  • Five Standard Pushbuttons
  • Five Jumbo Pushbuttons
  • Five Slide Switches
  • Five Coin Cell Battery Holders
  • Forty Jumbo 10mm LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White, and Color Changing)
  • Twenty Mini Surface Mount LEDs (Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White)
  • Five Mini RGB LEDs
  • Five Piezoelectric Speakers
  • Ten Screw Terminals
  • Ten Rolls of Conductive Nylon Tape - ⅛ inch, 16 feet
  • Five Bobbins of Conductive Thread - 16 feet
  • Ten Alligator Clips
  • Fifty CR2032 Batteries
  • Five 2AAA Battery Holders
  • Three Standard Servo Motors
  • Six Continuous Rotation Servo Motors
  • Ten LEGO™ Compatible Servo Brackets
  • Ten LEGO™ Compatible Servo Horns
  • Ten LEGO™ Baseplates (8x16 studs)
  • Plastic Organizer

Directions, Lesson Plans, and Videos

Find a wide range of guides and activities in Brown Dog Gadgets' online Project Database. There you'll find information on how to set up your Robotics and Invention Boards as well as example projects and build guides.

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Type: Electronics kit