300-in-One Electronic Project Lab


Get a great introduction to the world of advanced electronics using the 300-In-One Electronic Project Lab! Complete over 300 experiments and learn the basic principles of electricity, magnetism, electronics, and physics! NO tools or soldering required! Uses spring and breadboard hook-up methods.

Everything you need to build 300 Exciting Electronic Projects:

  • A transistor radio
  • IC organ
  • burglar alarm
  • battery checker
  • delayed timer
  • electronic game
  • voltage controlled amplifier
  • multiplier
  • multiple counter
  • digital light dimmer
  • tone burst generator
  • audio signal tracer
  • electronic candle
  • voice level meter
  • metal detector
  • rain detector
  • voltage drop alarm
  • logic checker
  • function generator

Collections: Snap Circuits

Type: Electronics kit