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2 Channel DC 5V Relay Module


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This relay breakout board has two 5V activated relays (3.3V compatible.) The signal is opto-isolated, it is protected.  Easy to use and suitable for beginners, and of course for students too.

If you need to control AC or high current, high voltage load, this will be the perfect board.


  • 5V 2 channel relay interface board
  • From our tests, the board is 3.3V compatible, so you can use Raspberry Pi's GPIO to activate or deactivate the relay.
  • Maximum Current Rating: 10A
  • Maximum Voltage Rating: AC 250V / DC 30V
  • Can control various appliances with large current and high voltage
  • Can be controlled directly by microcontroller such as Arduino, 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP and ARM
  •  2 built-in units of Opto-Isolator IC 817C.


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