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12x WS2812-compatible 5050 RGB LED Ring


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These are our own individually-addressable RGB LED rings. They are connected and driven the same way as Adafruit NeoPixel Rings.


  • DI - Data In from microcontroller
  • 5V - 5 V power
  • GND - to Ground
  • DO - Data Out, to chain to next set of LEDs' DI connection

Connections are made to 2.54 mm / 0.1" pitch solder pads. Care should be taken not to support the LED ring from the solder pads.

Inside diameter approximately 35 mm, outside diameter approximately 50 mm. There are four 2 mm diameter mounting holes in the ring spaced at 90° intervals on approximately 46 mm centres.


Category: LED, RGB, WS2812

Type: LEDs