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Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits FM Radio


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Snap Circuits® uses electronic blocks that snap onto a clear plastic base grid to build different circuits. These blocks have different colors and numbers on them so that you can easily identify them. Build the circuit shown by placing all the parts with a black 1 next to them on the clear plastic base grid first. Then, assemble parts marked with a 2, then parts marked with a 3, and finally, parts marked with a 4. Note that there is a 3-snap wire between the FM module (FM) and the speaker (SP), partially hidden. Install three (3) “AA” batteries (not included) into the battery holder (B3).

Turn on the slide switch (S1) and press the R button on the FM module (FM). Now press the T button and the FM module scans for a radio station. When a station is found, it locks on to it and you hear it on the speaker (SP). Adjust the volume using the adjustable resistor (RV). The resistor controls the amount of signal into the power amplifier (U4). Press the T button again for the next radio station. The module will scan up to 108MHz, the end of the FM band, and stop. You must then press the R button to reset at 88MHz again.

In the box:

  • Base grid
  • 1, 2 and 3 snap wires
  • Battery holder
  • FM module
  • Adjustable resistor
  • Slide switch
  • Speaker
  • Power amp IC

The manual can be found here

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Type: Educational kit