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Microscope stand with 0.12-1.8x lens


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This kit has CS/C mount lens ideal for looking closely at stuff and a stage to mount it to for fine adjustment for easy focusing. Connect up a Raspberry Pi HQ camera and Raspberry Pi for a complete digital microscope station or to fully accessorise your pencil-lead carving hobby.

The stage is approx 220x150mm and the upright allow around 300mm of adjustment. A screw mount allows for rough adjustment and the large knurled wheel giving fine adjustment through a rack-and-pinion. There is also a stop to limit the range of movement to project your lens.

The base of the stage is held by two screws, which allow access to the cavity underneath, which is a great size for hacks, and just tall enough to take a full-size Raspberry Pi.

The lens features a knurled adjustment ring to move the main optics for zoom-factor, you then focus by changing the distance to the subject. Kinda the opposite way to the human eye. Spooky!

The satin-black main barrel has a diameter of 39mm nominal for the most part, if you want to build a mount and it comes with 2 lens caps for the top and base.

We recommend plenty of supplementary light on the subject when using this setup. A simple LED torch or maybe a Unicorn HAT on full-beam will usually do the trick.

If you just want the lens, we also sell it on its own.

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