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OpenMV Proto Shield


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The Proto Shield gives you the ability to easily extend your OpenMV Cam's functionality. It features a 10x10 through-hole prototyping area with a 3.3V rail and a GND rail that are connected to your OpenMV Cam's 3.3V rail and GND rail. The rest of the I/O pins are left unconnected to let you build what you want.


    Need to add an accelerometer board to your OpenMV Cam? Or any other sensor board? You can easily solder these onto the Proto Shield so you can use them with your OpenMV Cam on-the-go. Or, do you need more illumination? Then build a more powerful LED circuit on a Proto Shield for your OpenMV Cam. With the Proto Shield you can extend your OpenMV Cam's functionality how you want.


    Proto Shield Pinout



    Horizontal Holes 10
    Vertical Holes 10
    Weight 5g
    Length 27mm
    Width 35mm
    Height 20mm

    Collections: OpenMV

    Type: Breadboards and Protoboards