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MeArm Robot Raspberry Pi Kit - Blue


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Product Description

The MeArm Raspberry Pi Maker Kit (blue) version is an easy-to-build robot arm kit that's designed to get children (and adults!) learning about technology, engineering and programming. It's been expressly designed to be easy to build (age 11+) and use.

At its heart is the Raspberry Pi (Not included), a small and affordable computer that can be used for learning to code and that can be used as a desktop computer. It can be controlled directly through the on-board joysticks, or you can learn to code by making it move using a variety of languages.

The big benefit of being integrated with the Raspberry Pi is the availability of coding editors to suit every coding ability level and preference. A lot of effort has gone into making it simple to start programming your MeArm as soon as you've got it built.

The MeArm Raspberry Pi version has been designed from the ground up to be easy to assemble. Children can build it themselves and we suspect adults may be able to build it unaided too. The only tool you'll need to build it is a hex key, and one is included in the box!


This kit does not include a Raspberry Pi.

  • This kit requires assembly.


  • Easy to build kit suitable for children aged 11 and above.
  • It comes with a Hex key, the only tool required for the build.
  • It has been built for the Raspberry Pi, arguably the best credit card sized commercial computer in the world.
  • This kit also comes in an orange colour.
  • It's a lot of fun.


  • 1 x Pack of plastic parts for the structure of the arm - blue.
  • 1 x Socket head screws for easy assembling.
  • 1 x Hex key so you dont need your own tools.
  • 4 x Metal gear servos.
  • 1 x PCB for the Raspberry Pi with on-board Joysticks (Already Assembled).




  • Raspberry Pi.
  • Power Supply.