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ISD1820 3-5V Voice Recording Module


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We now offer two versions!  
  • Base kit with just the speaker, wiring, and ISD1820 module (soldering required)
  • Deluxe kit with speaker and pre-soldered wiring, ISD1820 module, a mounting plate, and an AAA battery pack.  Batteries not included, and we recommend mounting everything with 2-sided tape (not included)
  • Easy to use 10 second voice recording and playback
  • High quality, natural voice recording
  • Can be used as a megaphone module
  • With loop play, jog play, single play function
  • SCM control
  • This module can directly drive 8 ohm 0.5W small speakers
  • Power supply: 3-5V, can be connected to the pin
  • Record and playback control mode: key control or SCM, control line IO has been led out
  • Up to 11 seconds of recording time

  • REC key: recording button, press and hold to record, release the button to stop recording
  • RLAYE key: trigger mode playback, click to play the current voice of the entire paragraph
  • PLAYL key: jog mode playback, press and hold to playback, release to stop playing
  • RPL jumper: loop play mode control, can be played circularly
  • FT jumper: through control, the microphone input is directly played to the speaker 
Main chip: ISD1820
Size: 38.5 x 42.8mm
Operating voltage: DC 3~5V