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Official Arduino Starter kit in English or en Français



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The Arduino starter kit provides an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It contains all of the essential components required to start programming with the Arduino Uno board, and a guidebook featuring 15 different projects, which are designed to evolve the user from beginner to professional level. The starter kit has been developed together with a series of ten video tutorials hosted by Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi. Read more about the kit on

Nouveau!  Nous proposons maintenant une version de ce kit en français.  

We offer the kit in English and French versions.  The contents are the same, but the instructions will be in the language of your choice.

Parts and instructions are included for 15 projects involving a DC motor, servo motor, tilt sensor, LEDs and other basic electronic components.

  • Learning the tools
  • Spaceship interface
  • Love-o-meter
  • Color Mixing Lamp
  • Servo-motor Mood indicator
  • Light Theremin
  • Keyboard
  • Digital Hourglass
  • Motorized Pinwheel
  • Zoetrope
  • Magic 8-ball
  • Knock lock
  • Touch Sensor Lamp
  • Tweak the Arduino logo
  • Hacking buttons

The Starter Kit includes:

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