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DC to DC converter module 6A


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Replacement:BOB-09370. We no longer sell the bare module, but still sell the breakout board. This page is for reference only.

This is a SMD non-isolated dc-dc converter that can deliver up to 6A of output current. These modules provide precisely regulated output voltage programmable via external resistor and capacitor from 0.59Vdc to 5.5Vdc over a wide range of input voltage (VIN = 4.5 - 14V). Their open-frame construction and small footprint enable designers to develop cost- and space-efficient solutions. Standard features include remote On/Off, programmable output voltage and overcurrent protection.

Part #: APTS006A0X-SRZ


  • 4.5-14V Input voltage
  • 0.59V-5.5VDC Regulated output
  • 6A max output current
  • Low output ripple and noise
  • -40C to 85C operating temperatures


Collections: SparkFun Electronics

Type: Tools

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