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E-Textiles Student Kit


This kit is designed for use with the electronic textiles unit in the Exploring Computer Science (ECS, introductory computing curriculum for secondary students. It contains most of the materials needed for four e-textiles projects: paper circuit, wristband, mural, and human sensor project. The curricular unit is designed to take students new to computing and sewing through a series of projects where they learn simple, parallel and computational circuitry; sequencing, conditional logic, sensor reading, functions, and related programming in Arduino; three-dimensional crafting and design; and computational thinking practices such as debugging, iteration, revision, problem solving, and algorithmic thinking. The curriculum will be publicly released in Fall 2018 on the ECS site.

This is the E-Textiles Student Kit, which includes:

This pack is meant to accompany the E-Textiles Class Kit.

As of 1/19/18, this pack no longer contains 20mm Coin Cell Breakout w/On-Off Switch (CR2032) x2

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