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Silicone Tubing for Air Pumps and Valves - 3mm ID - 1 Meter Long


This soft and flexible silicone tubing is designed to go with our simple air pumps. Great for making air-powered projects with our set of air pumps and vacuums as well as air valves. Need to split or adapt this tubing? Our T connectors are a great match.

Has an inner diameter of 3mm, but is stretchy so we could easily fit it onto ports of 4mm OD.

This tubing is made of silicone; but it's not rated for food safety. We recommend it for use with inflatable or air projects only. It's super easy to cut and you get a full meter!

  • Technical Details

    • Tube length: 1 meter 
    • Tube diameter: 3mm (internal diameter) / 5mm (external diameter)