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Elmwood Mute Button - DIY Version


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Have you ever found yourself fumbling to find the mute button in a Zoom call?  We have the solution for you!

This DIY kit allows you to build a handsome wooden box with a button on top.  We include a Trinket M0 microcontroller that you will program in MicroPython to act as a virtual keyboard.  Basically, when you press the button, it will send a keyboard command to your PC or Mac.  For example: in Zoom, on a Mac the key command CMD-SHIFT-A mutes your microphone.  On a Mac, it is CONTROL-SHIFT-A.  Best of all, you can customize the behaviour if you want it to do something else!

Please be aware that the button only works when you are in the actual Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom window.  If you are, say, typing an email in Outlook, the button will not work.  You would have to click the Meet / Teams / Zoom window then press the button.

We offer two versions of the kit: soldered and unsoldered.  Both require mechanic assembly and programming, but we make the programming easy (see below).

We include a short microUSB cable that is 150 mm in length.  If you require a longer one, you can pick one up here

To make it easy, you can download this ZIP file with the code needed for this project.

Below are two videos.  One showing the mechanical assembly and soldering required, and another showing how to setup your button to work with your computer.  Out of the box, you can set it up for Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams on a PC or Mac.  Might work on Linux too, but we have not tried it yet.


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