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2Amp 7V-30V L298N Motor Driver / Stepper Driver (2 Channels)


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If you are looking for a low cost motor driver that can control two small DC brush motor, or one stepper motor, check out this low cost L298 based motor driver!
Compatible with Arduino, CT-UNO, Maker-UNO, Raspberry Pi, and many more controller boards, as it is based on TTL logic (0 to 5V). It provides control of:
  • Start
  • Stop
  • Brake
  • Direction
  • Speed

Maximum current output is up to 2A(peak) per motor. The board have built in flyback/back EMF diodes, too. If you power it >20VDC and enable on board 5V regulator, it will get quite warm. That's normal!

What motors can you use with it? Any motor that is:

  • DC brushed motor with two terminals
  • Operating voltage: 7V to 30VDC
  • Rated current is <= 1.0 Amps
  • Peak current is <= 2.0 Amps
  • Or Stepper Motor with 4 leads (bipolar)


  • Dual Channel Motor driver for DC brushed motor
  • It can also drive bipolar stepper motor
  • 1A continuous current per channel (2A peak)
  • Vmotor: 7V to 30VDC
  • Dimension: 5.5cm x 4.4cm 2.7cm
  • Ready with:
    • Vmotor, GND and 5V terminals
    • Output A and B terminals for motor
    • Heatsink mounted with L298 for better heat dissipation
    • Flyback EMF diodes
    • Header pins for IN1, IN2, IN3, and IN4
    • On board 5V voltage regulator
  • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, but will require manual wiring.


Packing List:

  • 1 x L298N board